The Poet café is beating in the heart of Toronto’s King east neighborhood. The 1300 ft2 space comfortably seats up to thirty patrons and aims to offer them an unforgettable middle eastern experience, as the owner refers to the concept as “Persian poetry on a plate.”


This new spot which has become a welcoming area of communion that patrons are naturally drawn to has been accomplished by using the skills of local craftsmen namely, Pekota and Metropolisliving.


The Poet Café was designed to have a modern take on a home- made ambiance. White subway tiles, graphite grout and reclaimed wood wall panels all add further touches of a spotless character. The white walls with intricacies and texture of the quartz countertop, along with black iron accent panels and an abundance of natural light, lend to the café’s uncluttered design.


The layout had to be logical and allow fluid movement throughout the space. Placement of a large ancient door as a communal table at the front of the café is intended to represent the Iranian tradition of dining around a big table and encourages chatter creating a lively communal atmosphere. The sense of refinement throughout the space is due to the carefully chosen table sizes and furniture that contribute to making the space feel inviting and interesting. Lastly, there is a raw industrial feel to the design including features like the raw reclaimed wood panels, mesh like suspended brass lights and exposed ductwork.


Inspired by the rich Iranian culture and delicious flavors, Amir envisioned this homey café & tapas bar: a spacious, welcoming space where people could enjoy exceptional food and drinks that all were inspired by Iranian traditional foods and ingredients with a modern twist.